Colombia isn’t only known for its beautiful tourist attractions, but also for its exquisite food. In Bogota you’ll find some of the best restaurants that offer traditional dishes and modern versions of well-known dishes. In the following article we’ll introduce you to the 5 of the best restaurants that you should definitely visit when in Bogota.

Top 5 best restaurantes in Bogota

1. Chicheria Demente Restaurant

Chichería Demente restaurant

Located in a beautiful converted 1920s house, Chicheria Demente is an unusual star in La Concepcion, a neighborhood known for its auto parts stores and workshops. The concept is inspired by picket lines. Here, American chef Steve Haritopoulos serves up various cuts of dry-aged beef, sweetbreads with capers and limes, and organic chicken with pickled vegetables on trays. Vegetarians can also enjoy salads, empanadas and yucca poutine. The large open kitchen is dominated by a full array of grills.

2. Harry Sasson Restaurant

harry sasson restaurant

With 30 years of experience, Harry Sasson is perhaps the best-known chef in Colombia. His eponymous restaurant, now in its third decade, is known for its service, consistency, atmosphere and the quality of its ingredients. It stands out for serving simple and well-prepared food and using traditional kitchen elements such as a wood-burning oven and a charcoal grill. Harry Sasson’s specialty is the large cuts of meat and side dishes such as sauteed green beans with ginger and garlic or cinnamon-scented rice and lentils. You can’t leave Bogota without trying Harry Sasson’s spices and its incredible desserts.

3. Local by Rausch Restaurant

local by rausch restaurant

The Rausch brothers, Jorge and Mark, are celebrity chefs who have made a name for themselves exploring and experimenting with Colombian cuisine and founded Local by Rausch. The result is a varied menu of classic dishes with the modern and personal touch of the chefs that remind you of the taste of home. For example, ajiaco, was reborn in the form of a delicious empanada. Bunuelos, fried corn balls, and cassava dough eaten for breakfast are served here for dinner, stuffed with chicharron acevichado (fried pork skins in ceviche sauce).

4. Julia Restaurant

julia pizzeria restaurant

Chef Daniel Castano, who oversees several of Bogota’s trendiest restaurants, spent half of his career with chef Mario Batali in New York. After much trial and error, Castano finally created the dough he craved, turning his pizza into one of the best in the capital and presenting it to Julia.

He likes to top them with buffalo mozzarella and a sauce he makes with San Marzano-style tomatoes he grows exclusively for his restaurants. If you visit Bogota and you love artisanal pizza, you should definitely try these amazing dishes.

5. Andres carne de res Restaurant

andres carne de res restaurant

The fame of this restaurant knows no borders and for good reason. Andres Carne de Res specializes in grilled meats and typical Colombian dishes, such as corn arepas, creole potatoes, pork rinds, loin with rags, and ripe plantain stuffed with cheese.

The atmosphere is super colorful and fun. It’s ideal to go with friends or family. If you are a foreigner, it will be an unforgettable experience, since it is one of the best and most peculiar restaurants in Bogota.