Coffee Tour in Bogota

This Coffee Tour in Bogota unfolds in the heart of Colombia’s capital city, renowned for its rich coffee culture. Bogota is a bustling metropolis where the aromatic allure of coffee permeates the air. Embark on a journey to explore the city’s coffee scene, immersing yourself in the art and craft of Colombia’s world-famous and delicious coffee.

Engage with the local coffee culture, learning about the various coffee varieties and brewing techniques that contribute to Colombia’s esteemed coffee reputation. Savor the distinct flavors of Colombian coffee as you visit coffee plantations and interact with passionate coffee producers.

Coffee Tours in Bogota

bogota coffee tours

Coffee Tasting in Bogota

Price: 107 USD

Learn about the history and traditions of Colombian coffee cultivation-firsthand-with this coffee tasting in Bogota.

coffee plantation tour from bogota

Coffee Plantation Tour from Bogota

Price: 138 USD

Discover a nice real local hacienda and learn about all the coffee production steps with the help of a Colombian coffee producers.

coffee and chocolate tour in bogota

Coffee & Chocolate tour in Bogota

Price: 35 USD

Discover Bogota’s food culture on this coffee and chocolate tour in the capital city of Bogota.