The Colombian market squares are the meeting point for the most traditional ingredients of Colombian gastronomy. There also converge the culinary techniques that have transcended time and that today offer an incomparable seasoning and admired by travelers from all over the world. In addition to this great cultural wealth, the market squares are the portrait of a peasant society that works daily to cultivate, transport and supply Colombian families.

Undoubtedly, these places embody small points in each city that amaze visitors with an unparalleled culinary specialty, so much so that some market places in Colombia today are world news, and that is why in this article we let you know the best food market in Bogota.

Plaza de la perseverancia

This square is the main tourist-gastronomic attraction of the capital. There you can find some of the most emblematic dishes of the country’s typical food, as well as an excellent and warm service. This place was recognized by the Netflix series Street Food as the best street food place in Colombia, highlighting Luz Dary Cogollo’s restaurant, which sells the best ajiaco in Bogota, an award granted by the mayor’s office in 2007.