When the demand grows, the supply is not far behind, the opening of new vegan stores and vegan restaurants or with vegan options has been fascinating and clearly Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a great example of this growth.

We have seen how the plant-based diet has been on the rise in all countries, driven by an awareness towards animals, the environment and health. Both vegans and non-vegans visit these great restaurants again and again in the capital city. These restaurants offer fast food dishes to more elaborate meals and signature dishes. Going through a variety of types of world food.

These are the best totally vegan restaurants in Bogota, thanks to the quality of their dishes, the location, atmosphere, decoration, service and constant innovation. Prepare your palate for this delicious Bogota green route!

Cafe Leon

This delicious rocker-style Cafe/Restaurant is located in the so-called Zona T of Bogota. It is an ideal space to meet with friends to have coffee or some good craft beers, accompanied by one of the best fast food meals in Bogota, hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Burritos with Beyond Meat (my favorite), among other exquisite dishes.

The restaurant has a concert hall on the second floor, where they invite different bands and artists of all kinds of music, from Heavy metal to Salsa, many concerts are paid but for a super affordable price.

Herbivoro Cocina Vegana

Cute, bright and delicious. This restaurant for the herbivores of Bogota, serves a different menu every day and has a la carte fast food dishes. It is recommended to try the menu of the day, the pizza and the exquisite banana cake. This place has a bulk store with different products, they also sell conscious products and the refill of various brands of personal hygiene and cleaning products for the home.


Food, Punk and Innovation, are the three words that describe this amazing restaurant. The restaurant’s menu is not very extensive, but the few dishes it has are finger-licking good. They usually serve fast food but they have innovations of pasta dishes. If you are going to visit this place, you have to try the cheese balls, which the restaurant’s creator, Denise Monroy, defined as Non-Dairy Dairy, due to its great resemblance to a dairy mozzarella. After this delicious appetizer, you are ready to try the different types of sandwich or La Perra, a hot dog with a lot of personality. To close your visit to Elektra, it is mandatory to order the peanut butter cake or the chocolate cake, which, as defined by the restaurant itself, are delicious.

Mestizo Vegano

The food at this incredible restaurant, located in the center of Bogota, is a true gastronomic journey through Latin America. Since chef Nando Calderon, the creator of this restaurant, traveled through several Latin American countries, he visualized a space where he could combine all this learning. What he did is create Vegan Mestizo, a place for everyone that feels like home. This is where the magic begins and makes us prepare our taste buds to discover the contrasts of flavor that exist from Patagonia to Mexico. I can’t forget the excellent workshops he gives on different types of vegan food around the world. So get ready to learn from the experts, who cook with their heart and soul, just as it should be.

De Raiz Cocina Cafe

In the Chapinero and Usaquén areas, you will find this interesting plant-based gastronomic offer. From the roots, it is an excellent café-restaurant, perfect for business meetings, brunch with friends, celebrations of special moments or simply to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner any day of the week. Without a doubt, the decoration and the food of this restaurant are incredible, the menu is very complete and they are open every day of the week.